Micro 4th Axis with Handle - EU - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro 4th Axis with Handle - EU - ScottyMakesStuff

Micro 4. Achse mit Griff - EU

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Stabilisieren Sie Ihr DJI Pocket 2-Material mit einer Z-Achse im Taschenformat, die speziell mit einer einstellbaren Feder speziell für den Pocket 2 entwickelt wurde. 

Die einstellbare Lastfeder und Rückpralldämpfung ermöglicht Ihnen die Feinabstimmung Ihrer Pocket 2 Rig-Stabilisierung! Das Rig wird mit der Stativfußschraube am Pocket 2 befestigt.

Obwohl unsere Slim Pocket 2 Cases an der Halterung befestigt werden können, ist nur das Standard Slim Case leicht genug, damit der Stabilisator richtig funktioniert.


We all know what an amazing piece of kit the DJI Pocket 2 is - and it all fits easily in a pocket with space for more!

But this extreme lightness is actually its 'Achilles Heel'!

With virtually no weight there's none of the typical resistance that assists us in keeping our arm steady. Take a look around at YouTube reviews of the Pocket and as soon as the reviewer starts walking you'll see the characteristic bobbing motion.

We've got plenty of experience making 4th Axis or Z Axis stabilizers for bigger rigs so we knew we could come up with a great solution that not only worked great but was also still pocket-able. After over 20 prototypes we've been able to craft a solution that exceeded all our expectations and we're so excited to share it with you! 

We are the innovators

Common Z Axis stabilizers have a problem. When speeding up or slowing down those Z axes can bounce uncontrollably making parts of the footage unusable. Back when we started there were no handheld Z Axis stabilizers with bounce damping and as such they had a bad rep among the pros. That's when we designed our proprietary fluid damping system that gave us the edge in effective smoothing.

All our stabilizers (even including our Pocket 2 Micro) have adjustable bounce damping built in. This takes a little longer to get used to than spring only stabilizers but once you get the hang of things you'll find the results are far superior. 

Getting Started Guide - This is for the Pocket 1 but is essentially the same

We've packed so much into this little package - here's some more great features:-

  • It has two brass and one Alloy 1/4-20 attachment points for mounting to a tripod, monopod or even to attach gear like audio, micro lighting or even a battery pack!
  • Fits multi-port accessories
  • The allen key for adjusting the spring and damping is stored conveniently in the base of the handle.
  • Why not put your Pocket 2 Micro 4th Axis on the end of a Mono-pod for those faux crane shots or to discreetly get above the crowd in a show! 
  • With this handle version you can invert the handle and easily get that creative dogs eye shooting angle without having to bend over!

Bewertung durch den besten YouTube-Rezensenten Air Photography (Hinweis: Made on Pocket 1-Version):



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Betriebstemperaturen -50 °C bis 50 °C (-24 °F-120 °F)

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