CineSticks RC2 - EU - ScottyMakesStuff
CineSticks RC2 - EU - ScottyMakesStuff
CineSticks RC2 - EU - ScottyMakesStuff
CineSticks RC2 - EU - ScottyMakesStuff

CineSticks RC2 - EU

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This is the New upgraded version offering both Soft and Firm Rubber boots that are replacing the CineStick RC

CineSticks RC2 are resistive joysticks that use a specialized design to give you smooth control over your drone that standard joysticks just aren't capable of.

These CineSticks are made specifically for the DJI RC and DJI RC2 controllers (i.e. the light grey smart controller with a screen for the DJI Mini 3 Pro and DJI Air3). 

The new CineSticks design is more compact giving you more control over your drone than ever before!

You'll be able to achieve those cinematic movements such as pans, dollies, and tilts without any little jitters that are so hard to avoid with standard joysticks.

We use super soft silicone rubber to give you the smooth motion your video needs. But that's not all, we made them with adjustable resistance, allowing you to fine-tune the sensitivity of your sticks.

Check out our videos showcasing how CineSticks will enhance your videos!

 Matt Holder from Reflex Films reviews the latest CineSticks from Scotty Makes Stuff and shows us the competitive edge that they bring to his work.

Video Reviews

Note: These are for the CineStick R2 version but the effective smoothing will be very similar.

Matt Holder from Reflex Films Australia in Perth, shows us why CineSticks give him that winning advantage with their drone footage.

The well known Italian Youtube personality, Bighenet, gives his verdict on the new resistive joysticks called CineSticks. 

Italian Drone YouTuber David Ulivelli

 Ernst Markus Kofler

 Hawaiian Drone YouTuber Atort Aerials

How to use

To attach the CineSticks,

As CineSticks add a piece of silicone between the sticks and the controller, you will not be able to move the sticks to 100%, hence, you cannot start up or shut down from the sticks. You will need to instead start up and shut down from your screen.

  1. first, unscrew your current joysticks, then take the threaded rods and screw the small threaded end into your joystick threaded holes
  2. Take the silicone rubber 'boots' and the alloy silicone caps and push the caps onto the top of the boots. You may need to push them on using a screwing action.
  3. Push the boots over the threaded rods.
  4. Screw the knobs on top of the exposed threaded rod and push fully down to expose the threaded rod ends.
  5. Finally, screw in the knobs and adjust down until you get to the desired firmness.

To increase the firmness/resistance, you just screw down the knob of the joystick. To soften/decrease the resistance, pinch the neck of the silicone rubber and unscrew the stick. 

To Remove the CineSticks,

  1. Just pinch the neck of the silicone rubber and unscrew the knob until it screws off. 
  2. Pull the silicone boots off.
  3. Finally, unscrew the threaded rods.


DJI RC Controller

More coming once tested. If you successfully test these CineSticks on a controller not covered in this list then please let us know by emailing so we can add it to this list. 

Guide in PDF format: CineSticks RC Instructions

Note: When using the CineSticks, particularly at higher resistance, letting go of the joysticks may not return to the centre exactly. Instead, you should bring the CineSticks back to the centre and then confirm visually that there is no drift. For controllers that perform a pre-flight stick check, it’s best to start up with the CineSticks at low resistance before increasing resistance. It’s recommended that you store the CineSticks with the resistance off to keep your CineSticks performing at their best. 

Always reduce resistance by first pinching or pushing on the side of the rubber boot. Not doing so can unscrew the threaded rod from the controller, reducing its strength and potentially damaging the screw thread and/or rod.

Warranty: 12 months

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