DJI RC Pro Controller Case - ScottyMakesStuff
DJI RC Pro Controller Case - ScottyMakesStuff
DJI RC Pro Controller Case - ScottyMakesStuff

DJI RC Pro Controller Case

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This DJI RC Pro Controller Case saves you from three annoyances when using the controller.

  1. There's no need to unscrew the joysticks when placing it into the case - And it fits CineSticks too! - no more lost joysticks!
  2. No more juggling acts having to hold the controller under your arm, between your legs, or on the ground while you change batteries
  3. No need for a separate case as you can store your controller in the case and lock it down during transport

We've made a purpose-built area in our case, just so you'll never have to worry about those pesky joysticks ever again! It even fits our CineSticks RCP made just for the DJI RC Pro controller!

The inside is now covered in a new improved thick and luxuriously soft felt material that won't come off like flocking does to keep your controller super softly protected.

The next annoyance is common to all drone use. That's having to put things down on the ground or do a juggling act between the drone, the controller and the battery pack to get anything done. Then once you take off there is the inevitable dust or grass clippings that coat anything on the ground. If you're super focused on your flight, then there's also the danger of accidentally stepping on your gear on the ground too!

And they're especially compact and safe for vacations as we've all seen what those luggage handlers do with our bags at airports, so the extra security of our hard case over the standard soft case can pay for itself many times over!

The controller case is more than just something to wear. It can be used to store your controller all the time and the lid has a solid closure.

Your controller will stay well protected when you place it in your go-bag!



12 months





Wow. Quite impressed with these sticks.
They really do facilitate smoother, more cinematic footage!
Smoother dollies and orbits are a snap
Best upgrade I’ve purchased yet 👌

Chad L
Moose Jaw, Canada

Nice design
Good quality
Love it so much
Ordered the creators case & pro case
Thank you so much!!!

Kevin T
Brooklyn, NY

Phenomenal product, works amazing. It fixes that anoying up and down motion. I got the combo with the case and phone mount. It had a bit of a learning curve but it was defenly worth it!

Lucas J
Santa Paula, CA

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