SR Seatpost Mount for Pro 3 - Sellout! - ScottyMakesStuff
SR Seatpost Mount for Pro 3 - Sellout! - ScottyMakesStuff
SR Seatpost Mount for Pro 3 - Sellout! - ScottyMakesStuff

SR Seatpost Mount for Pro 3 - Sellout!

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The SR (Sealed Road) Seatpost Mount is designed to work with the Glider Pro 3 eco-system. 

It's designed to fit a 28mm to 32mm bicycle seatpost. The Seatpost clamp has a rubber sleeve to help prevent slipping and it has a locking thumbscrew as well.

Note: This mount has an extended reach to connect to the stabilizer but be aware that you may find on smaller framed bikes that there may not be enough range of motion to take a large sized gimbal. Alternatively the bike seat position can be moved forward to allow the gimbal to move behind the riders backside. Our Cheeseplate mounts allow your stabilizer to instead be connected to a rear bike rack which doesn't have the same limitations.

We have over engineered this mount well and truly but please follow the precautions below:



  • Please bare in mind that the SR stands for 'Sealed Road' and it shouldn't be used on dirt roads, off-road or any riding where significant shocks are being transmitted through to the bike. 
  • Be careful not to over-tighten the clamp bolts as these bolts can apply enough pressure to damage the mount. First tighten lightly and then mount your rig to it and then gently pull on the gimbal to see if the mount will rotate around the seatpost easily but be careful not to dislodge the rubber sleeve. Continue doing this until a force of over 10kg (22pounds) is needed to budge the mount.
  • Always secure your rig with a separate safety line to protect it in case of catastrophic failure. 
  • When not in use we suggest avoiding excessive UV light and inclement weather as this will reduce the mounts strength.


Maximum Recommended 4th Axis Payload 4.5kg (10 pounds)

Operating Temperature Range

-18C to 80C (0F-180F)

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