AirFlo M Duo - UK - ScottyMakesStuff
AirFlo M Duo - UK - ScottyMakesStuff
AirFlo M Duo - UK - ScottyMakesStuff
AirFlo M Duo - UK - ScottyMakesStuff
AirFlo M Duo - UK - ScottyMakesStuff
AirFlo M Duo - UK - ScottyMakesStuff
AirFlo M Duo - UK - ScottyMakesStuff
AirFlo M Duo - UK - ScottyMakesStuff
AirFlo M Duo - UK - ScottyMakesStuff

AirFlo M Duo - Reino Unido

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El AirFlo M es nuestro diseño más compacto y delgado de la serie AirFlo. El AirFlo M Duo también le brinda 3 juegos de resortes para que su estabilizador de 4.º eje admita cardanes usando cualquier cosa, desde un teléfono liviano hasta una DSLR pesada sin espejo.

El estabilizador más corto y la construcción más robusta también han mejorado la capacidad de suavizado del AirFlo M Duo, lo que lo convierte en una de las mejores herramientas de estabilización disponibles para los gimbals modernos.

El siguiente video es del hermano mayor de AirFlo M, pero muchas de las funciones son iguales o similares. Vídeo próximamente!

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More Details

Comparing the AirFlo Duo to the AirFlo M Duo
AirFlo Duo AirFlo M Duo
Mounts Modular - comes with Base Mount 1/4-20 but can take others Base Mount 1/4-20 only
Overall Size Medium Small
Springs 1 set 3 sets
User Changed Springs No Yes
Payload Range Only one of the following Springs All 3 Springs included
Light 450g to 1.0kg (1 - 2.2pounds) 600g to 1.1kg (1.3 - 2.4 pounds)
Medium 850g - 2.5kg (1.9 - 5.5pounds) 1.1kg - 1.7kg (2.4 - 4 pounds)
Heavy 2.6kg - 4.2kg (5.7 - 9pounds) 1.7kg - 3kg (4 - 6.6 pounds)
Toughness Good Excellent
Smoothing Excellent Excellent


The AirFlo M Duo is such great value with its ultra-compact size and its lightweight dual-handle dual-suspension 4th axis stabilizer that's built to make your bumpy gimbal footage buttery smooth. 

We've taken out the 'fluff' and added all the best bits from our popular stabilizers and distilled it down into this new ultra-compact and lightweight 4th axis or z-axis stabilizer - and it's now the best 'bang for your buck' 4th axis stabilizer on the market by a long shot!  

With the reversible 1/4-20 mount, you can attach most gimbals with a 1/4-20 in their base and also switch it from upright to inverted for that Ronin M form factor that so many really love.

We're incredibly proud of this design!

The design goals were to reduce its size and make it work with more payloads while improving on our industry-standard bounce reduction at the same time.

We have had many requests for a reduced overall width to better suit smaller operators or for when you're working in tight spaces. 

This system with 3 sets of easily changed springs gives you one 4th axis for most of your rigs.

  • Its packed size is small
  • It's around half the weight of the Pro 3
  • The bounce damping uses PTFE to give 'fluid-like' damping 
  • 16 stainless steel bearings to make it glide even softer.
  • The gimbal screw has a deep 1/4-20 in its base for attaching gimbal extenders or other gear.
  • We made it strong but light with specialised internal strengthening
  • This is now our most refined geometry - all payloads give silky smooth iso-elastic suspension. 
  • The handles lean ever so slightly forward - This prevents rigs from wobbling forward and aft which can translate into unwanted vertical bouncing. 
  • Handles come with 1/4-20 attachment points for monitors and audio.

With practice using the AirFlo M Duo you’ll be able to achieve footage that is at least as smooth as the bigger AirFlo Duo and almost as smooth as our Glider Pro 3 models in a much lighter rig. Once you master it you can even achieve footage that looks like it’s shot on rails! We have a comprehensive user guide to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

An Ultra-Compact  Powerhouse

I think the huge plus for me is that I can take everything I need for a shoot; lights, audio recorder etc. and it all fits in a backpack so there’s no need for an assistant. But the real biggie is that you’ll be hard pressed to see the difference between footage shot on the new AirFlo Duo rig and the footage shot on a system totalling many thousands.

Some other important features;-

  • It’s built extra tough for the rigours of day to day use 
  • With an optional gimbal extender it allows you to use your gimbals mini tripod so you can rest your arms between takes
  • It’s been designed to be quiet so your audio won’t be ruined by the creaks and squeaks that those cheap Z stabilizers have.
  • Packs down into an ultra compact size for those times when backpack space is tight!
  • You can leave the tools at home with virtually tool-less adjustments in only seconds, not minutes
  • A wide range of payloads with 3 Spring Sets
  • Dual independent adjustable damping - from hard action to soft shots
  • Dual independent load adjusters to adapt to your rig
  • Adjust in minutes from high shot to upright to mid-height to low (briefcase) mode with an under-slung gimbal
  • Get buttery smooth footage with little practice
  • Built super tough from lightweight engineering polymers - Only 1kg (2.2 pounds) when in use.
  • Handles come with 1/4-20 attachment points for monitors and audio
  • Comes almost fully assembled 

Jeff Foster, Top Television & Film Pro, revisa nuestro AirFlo M Duo 4th Axis utilizado con su Ronin S.

Vídeo de cambio de primavera

Resortes de carga útil

El estabilizador del cuarto eje AirFlo M Duo viene con 3 juegos de resortes de diferente fuerza.

Viene con los resortes medianos instalados, pero se puede cambiar fácilmente en solo unos minutos.

El peso de la carga útil se calcula sumando todo el equipo que está montado en el estabilizador del cuarto eje (es decir, cámara, cardán, servo de enfoque de seguimiento, etc.).

Primavera Rango de carga útil Tipos de plataformas
Pesado 1,7 kg - 3 kg (4 - 6,6 libras) Sin espejo y DSLR
Medio 1,1 kg - 1,7 kg (2,4 - 4 libras) cámara compacta, luz sin espejo
Luz 600 g a 1,1 kg (1,3 - 2,4 libras) teléfono inteligente grande

Qué hay en la caja:

  • Estabilizador AirFlo M Duo 
  • Mangos izquierdo y derecho
  • Grasa lubricante
  • 2 perillas atornilladas
  • 3 juegos de resortes: liviano, mediano (instalado), pesado
  • Llave Allen M2.5 para cambios de resorte
  • Manual de instrucciones detallado


12 meses


Peso - sin extras 1 kg (2,2 libras)

Rango de temperatura de funcionamiento

-50C a 65C (-24F a 150F)

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